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Welcome to Vibrant Hydration & Wellness

Vibrant is the first spa-like medical clinic in Huntsville to focus primarily on IV therapy. Because there are many key elements to creating the perfect IV therapy, we have carefully chosen a medical doctor, a pharmacist and highly experienced registered nurses to form our team. All of our team  members are registered and certified by the Alabama Medical, Pharmacy, and Nursing Boards and they carry active licenses within the state of Alabama. Together they will use their knowledge and expertise to create the therapies that fit you the best.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the revitalizing effects of the therapies.


75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Chronic dehydration can lead to a variety of conditions such as migraines, wrinkles, dry-skin, premature aging, fatigue, poor athletic performance, loss of energy, change in weight, etc . Dehydration can originate from a variety of lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption (hangovers), intense athletic training, poor diet, illness, inadequate sleep and rest, etc. Oral supplementation with vitamins and minerals has to pass through the digestive tract in order to be digested and absorbed in our system. Scientists have proven that only about 30% of what we take in orally is actually absorbed by the body and makes it into our system and into our cells.

So why IV (intravenous) therapies?

The great benefit of  IV therapies is that the vitamins administered bypass the digestive route and go directly into the system and the cells. This means that 100% of the vitamins administered are transported into the system and cells and this often results in rapid diminishment in symptoms.


Hangover Recovery – One smart way to beat the awful symptoms of a hangover is to hydrate before the party. IV hydration therapies only take 30 to 45 minutes and can have you look and feel your best and also diminish the symptoms of hangovers for the next morning. Say goodbye to the days when all you could do is lay on your couch with a terrible migraine because you have overindulged the night before. We use medications like Zofran (for nausea and vomiting), Toradol (for pain management), Magnesium (for migraines) in combination with our IV hydration therapies to get you feeling better fast so you can be productive and enjoy your day.


Muscle Recovery – The big race you have been training for is right around the corner, but you are dreading the day before when you have to chug gallons of water to prepare for it. Our IV therapies can have you hydrated in a fraction of that time and provide the necessary electrolytes and vitamins for your body to help you go the extra mile. Long gone are the days of drinking gallons of water and unending bathroom visits before your competition. The amino acids in our IV therapies can also speed the muscle recovery period after a competition or race. At Vibrant, we think it should be less pain and more gain.


Illness Recovery/Immune System Boost  – If you are trying to recover from various illnesses such as the flu, the common cold, food poisoning, stomach bugs, or others, hydration is a key element in speeding that recovery period. Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms the body produce as it fights those viruses. When this happens our bodies become depleted of important vitamins and electrolytes. Vibrant offers the Myers’ cocktail, an IV bag containing electrolytes and vitamins invented many years ago by Dr. John Myers. Many healthcare providers have since used the Myers’ cocktail to help alleviate symptoms associated with various conditions such as illness recovery, general dehydration, electrolyte and vitamin imbalances, Crohn’s disease and IBS, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others . When recovering from an illness this therapy can replenish the electrolytes and vitamins that your body has become depleted of. At times you may also feel under the weather or just worn out and time and project dead lines are staring you in the face. The IV therapies contain helpful vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Zinc which can give your immune system the boost needed for you to feel better and be able to accomplish your necessary tasks.  So whether you are recovering from an illness, or traveling for work and are stuck in a hotel room preparing for your business meeting and feeling under the weather, be proactive and take advantage of the IV therapies. They will get you feeling better and full of energy so you can bring your best to the table.


Detoxification/ Anti Aging Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant our body produces naturally. It helps in detoxifying our organs like the liver and kidneys and gets rid of impurities and toxic substances which often make their way into the foods we consume, alcoholic beverages and even the air we breathe. As we age our bodies produce less and less glutathione resulting in the aging signs like rigid and dry skin, wrinkles and other skin blemishes that start to become more evident. Sadly the oral intake of glutathione has provided minimal results as it is very poorly absorbed by our bodies. Our therapies can deliver glutathione via the IV route which allows for 100% of it to be taken up and used by the cells. Your body is working hard to keep you healthy and beautiful but it could use some help. You have a say so in your health, your beauty and your aging process. Allow the master antioxidant, IV Glutathione, to become your best friend on this journey.


Weight Loss  – You try hard to eat right and exercise but the stubborn fat doesn’t seem to show any mercy and has decided to stick around longer than you would like. Vibrant offers lipotropic injections that can aid with weight management. The intramuscular injections contain vitamin B12 and five amino acids, a combination that increases the metabolism of your body and aids in burning fat. Show your stubborn fat who is the boss and let the lipotropic injections be your assistant.

Vibrant IV therapies can help alleviate symptoms of the following conditions:


  • Hangovers
  • Migraines
  • Sport Fatigue /Training
  • Muscle recovery
  • Crohn’s Disease /IBS
  • Illness Related Dehydration
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Fibromyalgia /Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Skin rejuvenation, elasticity and pigmentation
  • Weight Management
  • And Many More Additional Conditions

Meet Savanah!


Savanah Shepard, CRNP, AGACNP-BC


Savanah is the Nurse Practitioner here at Vibrant and we could not be more excited about it!


She started her healthcare career as a CNA on a cardiac step-down unit in 2014. While working as a CNA, she received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2018. After graduating, she worked as an Emergency Room nurse while obtaining her master’s degree at Jacksonville State University. After obtaining her degree she became certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as an Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Outside of nursing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, reading good books, and traveling.


We are so grateful to have such an experienced and knowledgeable Nurse Practitioner as Savanah to serve and help our community here in Huntsville live a healthier and vibrant life!

We welcome walk-ins, but you can also book here

While we are closed Sundays, we will still be able to do IV therapy at your own residence or at our Vibrant location based on nurse availability. An additional fee of $100, will be charged for Sunday and home visits. Please call our main office number (256) 964-8177 and leave a message to book on a Sunday or a home visit. Our mailbox is checked regularly, and someone will get back to you.